Sustainable Energy Sources for Cars Or Operating Unconventionally

With the increases in gas prices, and the potential for them remaining high, people are looking for alternative sources of fuel. People get tired of filling up their tanks, and seeing the bill constantly moving higher and higher. One optimistic result of this is that possibly they will look at saving fuel by finding new ways to get from place to place. Men and women do things based on how much money they have available. As long as money is on hand, they don't particularly care how they spend it. The people mostly behind the thrust for new energy sources are the types who are more concerned with the environment and what petroleum-based fuel is doing to it. As a result of these people, we now have vehicles that run on electricity or a combination of gas and electricity, and some that are powered by the sun.
Certain cars are even using water along with their gas in water-to-gas technology. The rise of manufacturers producing cars which use alternative fuels has had several contributing factors. Many governments, particularly European ones, have imposed huge taxes on fuels and have passed restrictive environmental laws related to greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are increasing, and one of those is carbon dioxide, which originates from the fossil fuels running most vehicles. As a result, climate change along with global warming are occurring because of the way the earth's temperature is increasing due to the emission of greenhouse gases.
Cars have been developed that are perfect for using ethanol, fuel cells, LPG, solar power, and hydrogen for the operating fuel source, and also there are hybrid cars. Liquefied petroleum, often called LPG, runs cars using a propane/butane mixture. It may potentially slash fuel costs by 50 percent compared to standard fuel by using hydrocarbon gases that are compressed and then liquefied. You can find cars that make use of the power of the sun as a way to produce electricity for running motors or creating other fuels. Generally, on the roof of the vehicle, is where the solar panels are, that change the energy of the sun into electrical energy.
An intriguing fuel is actually ethanol, which is an alcohol that is created from plant juice, high levels of sugar, or carbohydrates like wheat. Brazil has been choosing sugar cane to create ethanol for nearly 40 years and has saved $1.8 billion in oil costs to date. 5.4 million automobiles, that are operated by ethanol, happen to be created in Brazil and are being exported to Japan and Sweden. This markets not only furnished 900,000 jobs, but was the cause of a 30% reduction in toxic emissions because of using ethanol as a fuel.
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Vehicles that run on hydrogen are the ultimate in clean cars as they only create heat and water vapor emissions which are very kind to the environment. Hybrids, including the Toyota Prius, apply two different energy sources, combining a small gas engine with an electric motor. Dealing with environmental problems and increasing fuel costs are two reasons to check out alternative energy sources.

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